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My 'Babies'

Yes, the rumor is true...I now have 4 baby kittens. They are 2 months old and growing fast. Four is a handful, but they all play together and soon, when I'm able to make the decision, I will give 2 of them away to a loving new home. Joe is alergic to cats, but amazingly enough, we've managed to keep the alergies down. (They're still pretty little....)



SAMSONITE (the only boy)

REECE (resembled Recee's Candy)

More Playful Kittens....

At night, they sneak into the hall closet and take over the winter basket.

More Playful Kittens....


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Events & What Not

2.5.2004 - Finally sent holiday cards (only 6 weeks behind schedule :)
+ New Pictures of House
+ Boston: 3.2003
+ Summer Chillin

1.26.2004 - Jenny & Cam bought a house this week. See a picture. They're supposed to close on Feb. 13. Good luck!!

10.8.2003 - Jenni plays at McFoster's in Omaha. I can't make it, but I'm sure it'll be a great show!

10.6.2003 - Made some progress with the Mlnarik Family site. Any ideas, suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

October 2003

October already and the rainy season is back. Yep, that means more time to catch up with family, friends and the web site. The year has brought many travels and for those of you whom I haven't seen yet, it won't be long!

New photos include my recent "ride along" to Nebraska with John & Rich.

July 2003

It's summer & I've been slacking on photos. Alas, my grass is growing! Barefoot summer here I come.

December 2002

Happy Holidays! [view your Christmas card]